Orla’s Code by Fiona Pearse. Adult Fiction Book Review.

Amazon Praise: "If you want to get ahead, get noticed," is Orla Hanlon’s motto. New to London and the first female programmer at CouperDaye, a global investment bank, she takes on a high-profile but controversial project. With her new luxury apartment and a work-romance quietly on the side, Orla thinks she has everything under control.... Continue Reading →

Declutter Your Mind: Simple Action Plan To Quiet Your Mind & Negative Thoughts by Sandy Quinn. Self-Help Book Review.

Are you tired of being constantly bombarded by repetitive negative, worried and unhelpful thoughts? Would like to learn how others use mindfulness to successfully quiet their minds, become more balanced and happy in life? Declutter Your Mind will show you a simple Action Plan to quiet your mind and free yourself from negative thoughts which... Continue Reading →

Mature Students Rock!

It is over... after four years hard slog, with a deferment year in between, I have finally finished my English Literature degree... No longer do I need to read for academic purposes;  no longer do I need to reference the Harvard method; no longer do I need to juggle family life and work alongside my studies and... Continue Reading →

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