Super ADHD: Conquering the World with Hyper-Focus and Drive by Rachel Knight

Super ADHD

Rachel Knight’s Super ADHD is an alternative look at an often-misunderstood condition.

Amazon Description:

Discover personal stories about how ADHD has been harnessed and used as an advantage by people like you and the people you know.

This explicitly human exposé explores the ‘other’ side of ADHD, demonstrating clearly how many ADHD traits can greatly enhance success. Author, Rachel Knight, decided to investigate when she realised every successful entrepreneur she knows, has ADHD, and what’s more, they all lead interesting lives.

How could this be? Isn’t ADHD meant to be a bad thing? How could the most aspirational people among us be thriving when they are meant to have a disorder? Why do they lead such unusual lives? How have they become successful? What made them start their own businesses or work for themselves? Has ADHD contributed to their success, or held them back?

To satisfy her curiosity, she interviewed them, revealing many valuable lessons and insights, to help others learn from their success, and turn ADHD into an advantage.

My Review:

What makes Super ADHD stand apart from other books on the subject is Rachel’s quest to make the diagnosis seem an advantage; not a label of disruption and negativity that it is currently referred to as.

Rachel realised that a number of her adult friends were indeed ADHD diagnosed. However they all share a certain trait in common; they are all entrepreneurs. Not a position many would associate with ADHD, Rachel decided that this diagnosis was one worth celebrating! There is no negative stance taken in this book and it makes for a refreshing change, rather it approaches the diagnosis from an adult’s point of view; and the results are an eye opener.

By interviewing a selection of adults who are all ADHD diagnosed, as well as being highly successful entrepreneurs, Rachel invites the reader to challenge current perspectives on how ADHD is perceived. This is a fascinating read, perfect to encourage the concept of there being two sides to every story, and that ADHD is certainly not that ‘naughty child syndrome’ that unfortunately many people still believe it to be.

The book is instantly accessible and you don’t feel as though you are being bamboozled with scientific knowledge and facts.  It succeeds in turning the discussion of ADHD on its head because it encourages the reader to question how children currently diagnosed with ADHD cope with the demands of formal education. Almost every adult interviewed mentioned their difficulties in fitting in with the demands of the schooling system, thus highlighting how one size definitely does not fit all…

A huge advantage of this book is the wide audience it will appeal to. From ADHD diagnosed adults, to parents coping with their children’s diagnosis, to the caring profession, I would thoroughly recommend it anyone with an interest in the subject. More so, those in the teaching profession would certainly find this an interesting read.

Super ADHD is an uplifting book which encourages the reader to see ADHD in an entirely different light. With a fluid writing style throughout, it is an easy read but ultimately one with a positive and powerful message at its core.

Super ADHD: Conquering the World with Hyper-Focus and Drive is available to buy now on Kindle.





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