How To Create The Life You Love by Belinda Maund. Self-Help Book Review.


It’s not just the kids who can start a new year in September!

BooksGoSocial Praise:

Many of us are living lives with a foundation based on always doing what we believe we ‘should’ do. Most of us work through the steps of school, university and careers without often thinking about what we REALLY want. There is nothing fundamentally wrong with this approach, as if you work hard you can achieve a level of success, but this sometimes comes at a cost to our happiness and soul.

My Review:

How To Get The Life That You Deserve is a genuinely warm read, with a little piece of advice for almost anyone. Just like a friend dishing out some much needed inspiration, Belinda has been through her own journey and wants to let people know that actually things can be okay; if only we start assessing what it is that we want as opposed to what it is we have now. In short, her message is if you’re unhappy, start to take little steps to change things and ultimately begin improving your life – because no one else will do it for you and you are as entitled to a happy life as are the rest of the happy people out there!

Belinda relates a lot of the book to her personal experiences. In a draining marriage, an unrewarding career, and with the loud tick of her biological clock, she felt trapped in an unhappy lifestyle. This isn’t a happily ever after story, but rather one of a woman desperately unhappy with the life that she had and the steps she took to try to turn it around – without preaching to the reader!

This short book is a helpful guide with Belinda letting us in on the methods she herself found useful. With seven relevant chapters, she covers subjects such as health and well-being to confidence and positivity. Perfect for those readers who may be looking for a little bit more in life or looking to gain back something for themselves, it’s also an inspiring read just in time for those parents whose children are heading back to school this week. With the kids beginning their new year, why not start to build your own; after all, who says we have to wait until January to start anew?

With a couple of added checklists and diagrams, alongside an additional list of helpful sources and information Belinda referred to whilst compiling the book, How to Create the Life You Love is a pleasure to read. The books purpose can be perfectly summed up in one of Belinda’s own lines;  ‘It’s never too late, but it’s better not to waste time.’

Thank you to the wonderful people at BooksGoSocial for allowing me to review this lovely book.

How to Create the Life You Love is available now to purchase on Kindle.


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