Book Review: Ramblings of a Writer: 54 attempts at giving writing advice from a professional by Pernille Norregaard.

Ramblings of a Writer

Amazon Description:

Stuck in a rut with your writing? Learn the secrets to breaking free and infusing your writing process with new life.

Ramblings of a Writer is a collection of 54 essays on the trials and tribulations of life as a writer in an increasingly fast-paced world of people with short attention spans.

With humour and honesty, Pernille Norregaard guides you through the daily obstacles writers encounter setting you on the path to a better, more fun writing practice. She looks back at the 14 books she has written and a decade of teaching and coaching writers to share her insights, include the things she wishes she had known before she wrote her first book.

The essays were first published on now closed The Divine Writer blog.

Download the book and infuse your writing with new life today.

My Review:

I read and thoroughly enjoyed Pernille’s The Divine Guide to Creating a Daily Writing Practice a few weeks ago. So, when I saw she had a collection of essays on writing in a book, I knew this would be next on my list! I love Pernille’s no-nonsense writing style and she always seems so laid back when she writes about her experience on all things writing based. This always makes her books a joy to read.

Ramblings of a Writer is a collection of essays that were apparently part of Pernille’s original blog, which has now been discontinued. But lucky for us, she has taken all of her wise words and combined them to produce a wonderful book of essays. Short and easy to read, they all have one important thing in common; useful advice which any kind of writer can benefit from, whilst putting the helpful suggestions into practice straight away.

Again, as with The Divine Writer, the advise is simplistic, and many writers will have heard some of it over and over again during their careers. However, Pernille’s main aim through this collection is to encourage the reader to see writing as a craft and work at this craft as much as is possible in order to become better at it. Pernille knows only too well how infuriating the label of hobby is, when some people refer to the art of writing. This is especially annoying when you happen to make a living from writing! Yet, she believes that unless writers assert more confidence in their own craft, then why should anybody else?

With several sections from Building a Writing Practice to Writing Tools, there is bound to be a subject that readers can take something of value from. Whilst I do not write fiction, I am a writer by trade and I feel as though Pernille’s advice applies to anybody who puts pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard!).

With a fluid writing style and a wealth of encouragement present in each essay, Ramblings of a Writer is a pleasure to read.

Ramblings of a Writer: 54 attempts at giving writing advice from a professional is available to buy now on Kindle at Amazon.

Pernille can be found on Twitter at @PNorregaard

My previous review of Pernille’s book, The Divine Writer can be found here:


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