Book Review: Surviving the Corporate Culture by Robert Michael Lehmann.

Surviving the corp cult

Are you looking for new and innovative ways to avoid stress and ensure success?

Surviving the Corporate Culture is designed to be a guide for that success and to help you to greater achievement. Inside its pages, you will find 5 distinct sections which offer advice and tips on things like:

-Personal health

-Stress in the workplace

-How to give yourself a head start

-Becoming a valuable player

-Good relationships with other departments

-Preparing for a safe landing with your 401(k)

-And much more…

My Review:

Surviving the Corporate Culture is a short, but perfectly formed, ebook dispensing some practical and good all round advice on how to survive in the workplace. This may be a short book, but it packs quite a punch within its pages!

Its structure and layout are as practical as its advice. With short sections to choose from, Robert states that the help he offers could be used as a means of preparation & achievement for those who choose to follow it. So, there can be no one more qualified to bestow this advice than a man who has over three decades of experience as a licensed college counsellor, as well as many other credits to his name!

The book is divided into five sections covering many work related subjects such as stress, getting ahead with preparation, ignoring politics, maintaining good department relationships and offering good solutions. With an extremely useful step by step check list added at the end of the book, every piece of advice could be applied to a number of individual situations.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and took much from it. Robert’s writing style is approachable, but more so not condescending or preachy. I finished the book realising that what I had just read made perfect sense. Perhaps some of the advice, or even most of it, is something many of us are already aware of, but when in the midst of pressure, deadlines and financial year ends, etc, such advice is something which we perhaps tend to lose sight of.

From the little things such as taking a walk , however short, to come back to your desk refreshed, and giving yourself a head start every day, to some of the best pieces of advice you will receive as a worker – keep on top of everything at work, Robert’s advice is encouraging because it is tried and tested.

There are many lines which are worth quoting throughout the book but my favourite has to be, ‘Don’t talk politics or fish off the company pier,’ – what a better environment every workplace would be if only this code was compulsory!

Surviving the Corporate Culture is an interesting read, which is sure to benefit a lot of readers who are searching for ways to make their working days/life that little bit easier.

Thank you to the wonderful people at BooksGoSocial for introducing me to this interesting book.

Surviving the Corporate Culture is available to purchase now at Amazon.

2 thoughts on “Book Review: Surviving the Corporate Culture by Robert Michael Lehmann.

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  1. So much stress in working environments. And then you come home to relax, drink a beer, whatever, and boom, more stress! I’m always looking for new ways to lessen stress, so this book would be interesting to take a look at. Great review Claire!

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    1. Thanks Frank. It’s just nice sometimes to find self-help books that actually help, not preach! I did think that leaving the office environment would lessen my stress levels, but Freelancing is bringing about its own challenges!

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