Book reviews: The Last Days of Summer, The Second Love of my Life and A Drop in the Ocean.


The Last Days of Summer by Vanessa Ronan, ISBN:  9781844883660, Publication Date: 5th May 2016. 

Wonderfully thrilling… As Jasper returns to his home after spending ten years in prison for a crime committed in the very same hometown, there is a tension that runs throughout this story which builds perfectly alongside the unforgiving heat and landscape of a place Jasper is no longer welcome in. Ronin’s prose is so captivating that you find yourself as a reader on the same quest as that of Joanne, Jasper’s eleven year old niece, trying to find out exactly what horrible crime he could have committed to end up serving such an extensive prison sentence. The Last Days of Summer is beautifully written and with an ending that that you never quite predict. Coupled with Ronan’s ability to write so sympathetically about each character, even those with questionable motives, I’m sure this book is going to become a bestseller in 2016.


A Drop in The Ocean by Jenni Ogden, ISBN: 9781631520266, Publication Date: 3rd May 2016.

A story with a difference… Anna is not the usual fluffy, girly and emotional protagonist that you usually find yourself reading about in terms of almost fifty year old women characters and I enjoyed reading about an intelligent woman for a change! There is a stark contrast between Anna herself and the landscape in which she chooses to retreat to after her unexpected redundancy from her lab but it works beautifully and it was so easy to fall in love with the island. An eye-opener about the awful crippling Huntington’s disease but it is dealt with real compassion, knowledge and understanding.


The Second Love of My Life by Victoria Walters, ISBN: 9781472229328, Publication Date: 7th April 2016

Simply beautiful… Rose and Lucas are childhood sweethearts who have lead an almost fairy-tale life in the beautifully drawn village of Talting, Cornwall. That is until at the age of twenty four Rose is made a widow when Lucas is killed by a drunk driver.  The story begins two years after that fatal night and Rose, although physically moving on, is still finding it hard to move on emotionally, particularly as everywhere she turns she is reminded of Lucas. Rose has also never been able to pick up her paintbrush and do what she does best since she lost her husband and is struggling to see her way past the block. Then the mysterious Robert Green walks into her life and Rose begins to see possibilities again in her future. But letting go of a past that is all we have known is never easy and Rose has to make a decision to let go and move on with the rest of her life.

Whilst very raw in some parts, which I do admit to shedding a tear or two at, it raised an awareness of not only the ongoing bereavement process for all of the people that are left behind, but also of the fear of allowing oneself to love again. However, it has to be the theme of forgiveness which is a real heart-breaking moment in this book but forces you to fall in love with Rose’s character and her credibility. My favourite part of the book had to be the most inspiring part which was the use of Rose’s painting as a healing process, especially her time spent at the artists retreat.

I you are looking for a feel good read then The Second Love of my Life is exactly that, like a warm cuddle on a rainy afternoon.


I received all three of these books for review from the wonderful people at Netgalley.



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