100 Days of Solitude by Daphne Kapsali.

100 Days of Solitude may just be too much time out! Amazon Description: How far do you need to go to find yourself? What do you have to give up? Daphne didn't go very far. After too many years of living as a writer who didn't write, she gave up her life in London to... Continue Reading →

Super ADHD: Conquering the World with Hyper-Focus and Drive by Rachel Knight

Rachel Knight's Super ADHD is an alternative look at an often-misunderstood condition. Amazon Description: Discover personal stories about how ADHD has been harnessed and used as an advantage by people like you and the people you know. This explicitly human exposé explores the ‘other’ side of ADHD, demonstrating clearly how many ADHD traits can greatly... Continue Reading →

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